Covid-19 Updates-Vendors

Vendor Information

The health and safety of our shoppers and vendors is of utmost importance.  In  these uncertain times, we are following the requirements of Alberta Health Services (AHS). 

We are glad to help provide these valuable necessities, while protecting the public health and safety with the following measures.

Ensure Social Distancing

To ensure physical distancing of 2 meters or 6 feet, we will be limiting the number of customers in the market at one time. 

Each vendor stall at a farmers' market is considered its own  place of business; comparable to retail outlets in  a shopping center. Any business that is open  to the public during Covid-19  pandemic is legally obligated to put measures in place that prevent the spread of infection amongst vendors and customers. Each vendor is required to review the operation of their stall and take steps to protect workers and customers.

In  addition to mandatory measures set out in CMOH Orders, examples of steps that a vendor might take include, but are not limited to:

Performing frequent hand hygiene.

Creating barriers (eg. glass or plastic partitions) between customers and vendors.

Minimizing the handling of money.

Sanitizing electronic devices such as square and cell phone.

Masks are mandatory for vendors and customers.

Table cloths can be plastic or fabric but must be disinfected.

Protect Food 

Vendors who sell bulk fruit and vegetables are encouraged to prepackage their products before coming to the market. For those who cannot prepackage, customers need to point to the items they would like to purchase and allow the vendor to bag the items for them. 

Vendors please post signs as a friendly reminder to customers not to handle your products.

Bagged fresh bread and baking that is normally left open need to be closed before being displayed for purchase.

Vendors please use hand sanitizer after every customer transaction.

NO SAMPLES WILL BE ALLOWED at the market until further notice.

Customers who do bring reusable bags will be asked by vendors and management to please not place bags on the tables and VENDORS DO NOT TOUCH CUSTOMER REUSABLE BAGS.

Thank you vendors for your cooperation in  following the rules and regulations so everyone can have the best experience possible.  Good luck for the season.