Covid-19 Updates (Customers)

Shopping Information

The health and safety of our shoppers and vendors is of the utmost importance. In these uncertain times, we are following the requirements of Alberta Health Services (AHS).  We are glad to help provide these valuable necessities, while protecting the public health and safety with the following measures

Ensure Proper Social Distancing​

 Masks are mandatory for customers. To ensure physical distancing of 2 meters or 6 feet, we will be limiting the number of customers in the market at  one time. There will only be one designated entrance into the market. That entrance will be the front entrance of the hall.  There will be arrows on the floor throughout the market indicating how customer traffic will flow.

There will be a hand sanitizing station at the entrance and exit of the market. Shoppers are encouraged to sanitize their hands upon arriving and leaving the market.

Shop With Purpose

Customers are being encouraged to shop with purpose. This means once you have completed your shopping, please exit in a comfortable but timely manner. This will allow for other customers waiting in line to enter.  Customers are asked to select their desired products by pointing to them (rather than  picking them up) and allow vendors to bag the items.  Customers PLEASE DO NOT  bring reusable bags as they pose an added risk.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. This will ensure everyone will have the best and safest experience possible.